Mass Changes & Booking Update

Parish of Tramore & Carbally

Dear Parishioners & Friends,
Some weeks ago, Bishop Cullinan issued a letter to all Parish Groupings in the Diocese of Waterford & Lismore, asking for a serious reflection on the schedule of masses in each grouping.
We belong to a Pastoral Grouping of Tramore & Carbally, Dunhill & Fenor, Portlaw & Ballyduff, and Newtown, Kill, Kilmacthomas & Saleen. Within this grouping there are five Priests covering fifteen weekend Masses alone. As Bishop Cullinan stated in his letter, this schedule is just not sustainable moving forward. Each grouping of Parishes needs to have a schedule of Masses that can be covered in cases of illness, holidays or emergencies, and each grouping must be able to sustain itself in providing this cover.
At the time when we presented every parishioner with Bishop Cullinan’s letter, we asked for feedback, comment, and any and every observation which people might have. We received little in reply except for some people to reflect on how they expected such decisions about the reduction of Masses long before now.
In consultation with our Parish Pastoral Councils, with Bishop Cullinan, and the other Priests in our Pastoral area, a reduction of four Masses in our Grouping has been agreed upon. Here in Tramore, we will be reducing our regular four weekend Masses to three. We propose a new rota of a Vigil Mass on Saturday evening at 7.30pm and two Sunday Masses at 8.30am & 11.00am. The 11.00am Mass will replace and combine our former 10.30am & 12 Noon Masses. We hope to commence this new timetable beginning on the first weekend of this October.
I am conscious that change, though inevitable, is never easy.
These are the only changes I will make to our weekend timetable. If, in the future, further steps have to be taken, they will be taken in regard to the other Churches under my care and responsibility. At present, those Churches all have only one weekend Mass each, but that too may change.
Weekday Masses will remain the same except for the 7.30am Mass on Fridays, which will now cease. To facilitate Anniversary Masses, Month’s Minds, and rescheduled Masses because of funerals, from October all Masses will be shared, limited to two intentions. More details about this are in the Newsletter and through the Parish Office.
Friends, I sincerely hope that you, our faithful and loyal Parishioners, and friends will continue to attend and support our weekday and weekend Masses. We have an opportunity through these changes for fuller congregations and involved celebrations. These changes should bring a renewed sense of vibrancy and full communion to our celebrations. Our ceremonies might be less in number but hopefully richer than they already are in our participation, celebration, and sacredness.
I thank you for your constant support, generosity, and involvement with your Parish community in so many ways. May the times ahead see us uniting, supporting, and praying deeper than we ever have had before. We ourselves, our faith, our Church, remain at the heart of this community and always will. It was St. Augustine who said: “To fall in love with God is the greatest of romances; to seek God is the greatest adventure; to find Him is the greatest achievement.” May many join us in our romance, adventure, and achievement of loving, seeking, and serving God here in Tramore.

With every good wish and blessing,
Fr. Richard O‘Halloran PP

Mass Booking Update and Changes

The September Mass book has been on hold while the New Autumn Mass schedule was being considered.
We are now in a position to continue our Mass bookings.
The Mass books for September and October will open on Monday July the 1st at the Parish office from 9.30am.
Going forward from October we are going to have shared Masses (limited to 2 intentions)
The Saturday 7.30pm evening Mass will be held back for Months mind & Mass changes due to a funeral on the day of your booked Mass.(This used to be on Wednesdays )
Going forward the 3 month booking in advance will remain unchanged.
Details of Mass book opening will be in the Newsletter and on the website as usual.