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newsletter-11-march-2018A new Colour

Why Rose vestments today? It is the hope of Easter just around the corner. We are on the way, but not there yet. So we wear the colours of joy. Our joy is from the love which has brought us here and made us the work of art we are. Jesus is lifted up on the cross so we may have life. In all our thoughts on Lent and the death of Jesus, we are people of the resurrection.

We have many identities in our lives, but our prime belonging is to God, brothers and sisters of Jesus. This is the life of faith, the life of faith in the heart.

We can often think of God and faith as deadening. Our faith is that he sent his son from love. Jesus is the one who went through all we go through and rose from death. As our faith in this becomes strong, then we find love active from God in our lives. At times when there is little else there, we unite ourselves with the sufferings of Jesus and rise with him. God, being love, promises not an easy life nor magical solutions, but love always.


We live on amazing grace, and the graced light is Christ. Easter is around the corner, if we take a corner too quickly we crash. In life there is often a call to patience. We live in the light of Easter.

Look on the world – its business, goodness and evil,

and let God’s love for the world become your love.

Lord, by your cross and resurrection, you have set us free;

you are the Saviour of the world.