Newsletter 23 September 2018

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newsletter-23-september-2018The War Inside

We’ve had a lot of war-history in recent years, – but James talks of another battlefield: wars of good and evil and conflicting desires within ourselves. In every war there is the evil fighting in the souls of the generals. Same with ourselves — good things emerge to be done and we allow others less good take over – visit someone sick but there is a match; help a neighbour but there’s a party; visit the parents and something else happens, go to Mass and the sun comes out and we go to the beach. Desires to control people, greed, sexual exploitation of young and not so young, we know more from our own experience. Big time greed could have started with a fight over ice-cream at home, and somebody always getting their way at the expense of others.

Jesus’ saving love can help us bring out the best in ourselves. His cross is our peace – within ourselves and within nations. This is the reconciliation Jesus promises from the cross…peace within us and peace among us.

The apostles got into a row, who is the greatest? They wanted to follow Jesus but something else took over.

Can we bring into ourselves the best of the child Jesus praises, and find God – the Father whom we trust, happy to rest in the regard he has for us, with no need to worry about who is the greatest!

With every inbreath, breathe in God’s love and allow it fill your being.

Heart of God, heart of Jesus, I place my trust in you.

Donal Neary SJ