Newsletter 15 March 2015

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Newsletter 15th March 2015


4th Sunday of Lent


We pause today to reflect on our Lenten journey to date and our connection to

the earth and life around us. The Carmina Gadelica is a collection of ancient Celtic prayers collected in the highlands and islands off the coast of Scotland in the last decades of the nineteenth century by Alexander Carmichael. It is believed that the spirituality of these prayers was influenced by the nature and beauty of the great monastic settlement founded by St Columba on Iona.

There is no plant in the ground, but is full of His virtue, there is no form in the strand, but is full of His blessing. There is no life in the sea, there is no creature in the river, there is naught in the firmament, but proclaims His goodness. There is no bird on the wing, there is no star in the sky, there is nothing beneath the sun, but proclaims His goodness.