Newsletter 16 June 2013

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Our thoughts and prayers must be with the Bolger family today, following last Wednesday’s terrible tragedy off Brownstown head.

As we pray for Kenny, Shane and Paul Bolger, we pray for those in Passage and Dunmore who knew them so well. It is also a time to pray for those who work in our community in the Emergency Services, the Air Sea Rescue, the Irish Coast Guards, the lifeboat services and ambulance, fire brigade and Gardaí, who daily offer their lives to help and serve this community.

A prayer for all our community to help us in the days ahead

Dear Jesus who understood fear and confusion so well, bless this community in our great hour of loss and need. Be with us as we gather to weep and mourn at your altar.

We beg you for the courage to delve into the silence, the wisdom to speak at the right time, and the fidelity to remember that you are with us in this great hour of need.

May they rest in peace.