Newsletter 18 October 2015

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Newsletter 18th October 2015



The celebration of World Mission Sunday is inextricably linked with Ad Gentes, the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on the Church’s Missionary Activity.


The Decree reaffirms the Church’s desire to engage in mission with courage and zeal to bring the Gospel to all people, irrespective of race, colour or language. This commitment involves all People of God – bishops, priests, religious and laity – in witnessing and proclaiming Christ to the world, especially

to those who do not yet know him. For faith is a gift we have been given to share with others.


World Mission Sunday seeks to heighten awareness of the missions, as well as to collect funds for them. World Missions Ireland (The Pontifical Mission Societies) brings the prayers, solidarity and financial help of the Irish Church to Christian communities in other parts of the world.


In recent years, almost 2 million euro has been collected annually for this purpose.

Your help in invaluable and gives hope to the hopeless.