Newsletter 19 March 2017

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Newsletter 19th March 2017

Newsletter-19-March-2017Lord, the world is thirsting for living water.

So many people are content with water which, when they drink it,

leaves them thirsty for more:

– in personal relationships they look for security and domination;

– in positions of authority they enjoy lording it over others;

– they sacrifice precious things for the trappings of power;

– compromise their principles for popularity.

Send them Jesus who will lead them to ask for another kind of water:

– trust in relationships;

– service in authority;

– sincerity and truth rather than power;

– integrity at whatever cost;

the kind of water which they will drink and need never be thirsty again,

water that they do not have to go to a well for

because it comes from a spring inside them and wells up to eternal life..