Newsletter 21 October 2018

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newsletter-21-october-2018Today we come together for a truly incredible celebration of solidarity and unity within the Church-World Mission Sunday!

Today every single parish worldwide-and YOU-share what we can so that the life-transforming work of missionaries overseas can continue. Today through prayers and contributions, you are fully appreciating the dedication of our missionaries who live and work in communities that are struggling and war-torn.

World Mission Sunday is coordinated by “World Missions Ireland”, originally known as the Pontifical Mission Societies and the Church’s official charity for overseas mission. It is part of a worldwide network of over 120 charities.

Many of the international offices go by the name ‘Missio’. World Missions Ireland and their fellow charities ensure that today’s contributions are distributed justly to where the need is greatest within our Universal Church.

Today your prayers and generosity are helping spread the peace and love of Christ.

If you have already given, we send our heartfelt thanks. If you have yet to give, please dig deeper and share what you can.