Newsletter 25th April 2021

What in this weeks newsletter?

  • Reflections for 4th Sunday of Easter
  • Diaconate Ordination of John McEneaney
  • Prayer for Voctions
  • Recent deaths and anniversaries in our parish
  • Baptism Booking Update

Holy Cross Church Mass Times

Because of the re-imposition of the government restrictions, there will be no public masses in any of our churches until further notice.
The only exceptions are funerals and weddings, where there is only limited congregation allowed.

Masses will be streamed from Holy Cross church each week day at 10.00am, Sundays and Holy days at 10.30am.

Visit the parish website Click on “Live Stream” on the homepage when the services are on.

For anyone who does not have access to online services:

Tramore Parish Radio Services are broadcast From Holy Cross Church, Tramore at from Monday to Sat and 10.30am on Sunday on your radio 105.4FM

The Church will be open for private prayer on Mon to Sat: 11.00am-4pm (except Thurs 11.00am -5pm)
Sunday: 11.30am-4pm. EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT on Thurs from 11am until 5pm. Sunday opening 11.30am-4pm.


CCTV/Live stream
Please be aware that for the protection and security of all, CCTV Cameras are in operation in Holy Cross Church. All Masses are live streamed and broadcast over the internet.
*Due to government restrictions at the moment not all Masses are live streamed.


Diaconate Ordination of John McEneaney

This week we present part two of John McEneaney’s vocation story.

Please keep John in your prayers as he is ordained as deacon for the diocese this Sunday at 10.30am.

In my late twenties I returned to attending daily early morning Mass for lent, something I did as a child with my family, but this time just my father and I. We supported and encouraged one another. Knowing he would be there helped me out of the bed those dark mornings. However, one lent, due poor health, he stopped attending, and continuing on alone I questioned my own faith and why I was there. By asking these questions I began to discover the beauty, depth, and richness of our Catholic Faith. I got myself a weekday missal and began preparing the readings for each day. I developed a prayer life and came to know more of ‘Who’ was at the centre of our Catholic Faith. I began to encounter Jesus Christ in a more deeper and personal way, coming to know Him who cared for me, who knew me personally, and wanted to pour out His peace and love into my heart. This changed my life, bringing a great peace, joy and meaning. A restlessness, worry or unhappiness that I had for years was replaced by a trust, knowing that I had a God who cared and wanted what was best for me. At the end of previous Lenten periods I had a sense of a possible calling to the priesthood but had never given it a chance to grow by maintaining a good prayer life. However, this lent I had received a taste of ‘union with God’ and now wanted ‘none other’.
Later that year my cousin, who had a strong faith invited me to visit him in the west of Ireland. Here I met a number of people of similar age in love with God, celebrating their Christian faith together. I realised that this was something I both wanted and needed. I had heard something about Youth2000, so on returning home I looked them up and found a group nearby. Youth2000 helped me grow in love for the Sacraments, the Word of God, our Blessed Mother, and adoration which I hadn’t experienced for many years. They helped me see that the Catholic Faith was alive and well, something to be celebrated and shared with others.
I began discerning a vocation with both my diocese and the Franciscan Order but it was while on retreat that I felt a strong calling to join the Foyer of Light, Charity and Love, a small Catholic community nearby in Dunmore East. I finished work and spent three very blessed and important years with them. Here I learned the importance of prayer and received a greater understanding of our Catholic Faith. I found life in community challenging but loved being part of the little Foyer. I wanted this community life but the sense of a calling to the priesthood was still there and I had to explore it further.
I am now in my final year of preparation for the priesthood, and look forward to being a priest for the diocese of Waterford & Lismore. Please God this sharing has helped you see that God has a special plan for each of us, and this is where our true peace lies, united with Him, often with the help of our Blessed Mother Mary.

We would like to extend our best wishes to John on his ordination today 25th April


Prayer for Vocations

“On this World Day of Prayer for Vocations we pray for all those called to lay down their lives as priests, deacons, and in the consecrated life, that they will be faithful witnesses to the Good Shepherd in our midst.
We pray to the Lord.
 Pray for vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, especially for our diocese. If you are considering such a vocation, speak to your local priest or Diocesan Vocations Director, or email the National Vocations Office: email: info@vocations.iewith the government regulations, we are looking for volunteers to help with stewarding at the Masses.

Parish Office

The Parish office is closed to the public due to Government Covid 19 restrictions but you may ring the office between 9.30 am-4pm Monday Wed, Thurs. Tuesday 9.30am-1pm. & Friday 9.30am-3.30pm for any inquiries.
Contact : 051-386477

Mass Bookings Update
Due to government restrictions the Mass books for April to September were not opened as per normal six months in advance.

Mass booking for June and July has now opened

Booking will take place by phone: 051-386477
(Mass Books for Aug & Sept will not open for the moment. Date will be confirmed later).

Baptism Update
Due to the Covid 19 government restrictions, bookings for Baptism have been on hold over the last number of months.We are now taking bookings again.
Please contact the Parish Office for further information: 051-386477


Donate Facility

In response to a number of enquiries from our parishioners, we now have an online donate facility on our parish website, where you can make your Sunday offering to the parish. Please quote your envelope number, if applicable, when you make your donation. All contributions are gratefully received, and we thank you in advance for your generosity.


Weekly Contributions Envelopes
The new envelopes for 2021/2022 (Beginning May 16) are now available at the Parish Office for collection.


When the new contribution year begins on May 16th, please discard any unused 2020/2021 envelopes.

Any parishioner who is not registered for the weekly contribution envelopes, and would like to be, please contact the Parish Office.


Recent Deaths

Please remember those who died recently, Elizabeth Todd née Griffin, Tom Flynn (Peter Street), Anne O’Brien, John Masterson Balbriggan

We remember the months mind for  Con Casey, Jim Brindley, Miriam Walsh, Ted Rose

We pray for Maura Hackett, Lily Martin, Peg Jack & John (Snr) McEneaney, John, Bridie & Paddy Hannigan, Edward, Catherine, Tom & ,Betty Beglin, Nora Walsh 1st Anniversary,  May Crowley whose anniversaries occur about this time.

Reflection for 4th Sunday of Easter

Day of Prayer for Vocations The Good Shepherd
In Jesus’ time, being a shepherd was not a pleasant job. Sheep became easily lost and the shepherd’s job was to guide them back to safety. There were many dangers and the sheep were totally dependent on the shepherd. Shepherds would round up their sheep in the evening and guide them into their pen. But it had no gate, so the shepherd would have to lie across the space in case the sheep were attacked in the night. The shepherds literally lay down their lives for their flock. John compares the sacrifice of the shepherd to the ‘hired hand’ who is not really committed to the flock. He does what he has to but flees at the first sign of trouble.
This Good Shepherd Sunday the Gospel describes Jesus as the ‘genuine’ Shepherd who wants a personal relationship with each one of us and who would lay down his life for us. The Gospel emphasises the importance of relationship as the shepherd knows his flock and cares for them. They ‘Follow Him’ and it is not a Facebook or Twitter type of following, rather it is a genuine relationship. Everyone matters to the Good Shepherd, regardless of their situations. We are told ‘I know my own and my own know me’. We are called today to follow Jesus in a more personal more intimate way. Even when we stray off the path and get lost, it is then especially that the Good Shepherd comes looking for us.
‘We think we are fleeing from God, but in fact we are running into his arms’. (Meister Eckhart)
Jane Mellett