Newsletter 27 October 2013

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Newsletter 27th October 2013




All Saints Day, the day on which Catholics celebrate all the saints, known and unknown, is a surprisingly old feast. It arose out of the Christian tradition of celebrating the martyrdom of saints on the anniversary of their martyrdom. When martyrdoms increased during the persecutions of the late Roman Empire,

local dioceses instituted a common feast day in order to ensure that all martyrs, known and unknown, were properly honored.


The current date of November 1 was instituted by Pope Gregory III (731-741), when he consecrated a chapel to all the martyrs in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and ordered an annual celebration. This celebration was originally confined to the diocese of Rome, but Pope Gregory IV (827-844) extended

the feast to the entire Church and ordered it to be celebrated on November 1.


As it is a Holyday of Obligation, Masses are as follows on Friday:


8.30am, 10.30am 12pm and 7.30pm in Holy Cross and 11.30am in Our Ladys Carbally