Newsletter 27 September 2020

What in this weeks newsletter?

  • World Day of Migrants and Refugees
  • Reflections on   for the 26th Sunday or ordinary time.
  • Congratulations to the children who received the sacraments 
  • School Resources by Sr Antoinette Dilworth RSJ
  • Recent deaths and anniversaries in our parish
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The World Day of Migrants and Refugees – Sunday 27 September 2020

The Church has been celebrating the World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR) since 1914. It is always an occasion to express concern for different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for them as they face many challenges; and to increase awareness about the opportunities that migration offers.
For 2020, Pope Francis has chosen the theme “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”, with a focus on the need for the pastoral care of internally displaced persons.
This year’s World Day of Migrants and Refugees will be marked on Sunday 27 September.
Message of Pope Francis for the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees
The theme chosen by the Holy Father for the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees is “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”. In his message the Holy Father says:
“Displaced people offer us this opportunity to meet the Lord, “even though our eyes find it hard to recognize him: his clothing in tatters, his feet dirty, his face disfigured, his body wounded, his tongue unable to speak our language” (Homily, 15 February 2019). We are called to respond to this pastoral challenge with the four verbs I indicated in my Message for this Day in 2018: welcome, protect, promote and integrate. To these words, I would now like to add another six pairs of verbs that deal with very practical actions and are linked together in a relationship of cause and effect:
• You have to know in order to understand.
• It is necessary to be close in order to serve.
• In order to be reconciled, we need to listen.
• In order to grow, it is necessary to share.
• We need to be involved in order to promote.
• It is necessary to cooperate in order to build.



Recent Deaths

Please remember those who died recently, Robert Lodge
Those whose Months mind Occurs:Pat Dunphy

Those whose’ Anniversary Occurs: John Hickey, Catherine (Kitty) Power ,Gerry Hewetson (1st Ann),Thomas Tom McGrath, Nellie Power, Patrick Hackett, John Esmonde, John Keoghan Snr, Greta Bailey, Denis Power, Liz Brett ,Ned Walsh

Recent Baptisms

Those who were baptised recently: Seamus William Hogan Kennedy, Óilibhéar William Fitzpatrick ,Abigail Rose Power, Shailyn Mary Toscano

Congratulations to their parents and godparents.

School Resources

Sr. Antoinette Dilworth rsj has been busy preparing and sending out resources to both Primary and Secondary schools during this difficult time and uncertainty for teachers and pupils. These resources are designed to help pupils pray and keep focused.
You may view these resources


Reflection for 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Grumpy brother and honest brother”

Two brothers: the second was grumpy, honest and generous; the first was kindly, confused and selfish. We know often people who do what they say, who do something in the end, or who don’t do what they say. The first man knew his mind and then did what was right. Is it the message of this humorous and honest story that sincerity and integrity are important? A certain spirituality ignores ourselves – it’s all about doing. Grit your teeth and get down to it. Roll up your sleeves and work… but ‘nobody asked us how we were’. But we find God both in the discernment and in the doing. In the end we must know how we feel about some-thing and then put that in the hands of God and in prayer and do what seems right. The Lord wants the follow through! We need to take time to decide well – the first son did not do that. Then we need to follow and do what is right.
We need sound heads, compassionate hearts and willing hands. The vineyard is where we live all the time. The call is to live in truth, love and justice. We need to believe in the possibilities of a better world, and to become people who can decide on what is right in the sight of God and do it. We will often resist. We want to do what is right and do the opposite. He understands our mixed motivation. In all of that we need the Christian vision and a desire to do the world a world of good. Recall a time you felt resentful about doing what you ought to do. How did you feel after doing it? Lord, may everything 1 do begin with you and be happily ended in love. Amen.
Fr Donal Neary, S.J