Newsletter 28 August 2016

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Newsletter 28th Aug 2016

Newsletter-28-August-2016“Do not take your seat in the place of honour, a more distinguished person than you may have been invited… then to your embarrassment you will have to go and take the lowest place” (Lk 14, 8-9).


When Jesus was in the house of the Pharisee who had invited him to eat, observes how those invited try to get the first places. It is a very common attitude in life, not only when one is at table: each one tries also to get the first place regarding attention and consideration on the part of others. Everyone, beginning by ourselves, we have this experience. But let us pay attention, the words of Jesus which exhort to abstain from seeking the first place are not simply an exhortation of good education; they are a rule of life. Jesus clarifies that it is the Lord to give to each one the dignity and the honour, we are not the ones to give it to ourselves, perhaps claiming our own merits. Like he did in the Beatitudes, Jesus turns over the judgement and the behaviour of this world. The one who recognizes himself a sinner and humble is raised up by God, but, who instead intends to get recognition and the first places risks to exclude himself from the banquet.