Newsletter 5 January 2014

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Newsletter 5th Januuary 2014




Would you expect to find glory in the crib? It is there in the human and the divine love of the crib. Angels sing of glory to God… this is the biggest thing that ever happened the world. God among us, the word made flesh! Love has come among us in a way never before.



As the gospel of John goes on there is another sense of that glory. Glory means not just angels and bright light – it is the love of God and then our love.

Because Jesus comes with the love of God, he makes a difference, calling us to be a community of people who find in their faith and humanity the motives to care for each other at bad times.


The Crib

That’s all part of the crib. The wish of God our creator is for a world where people are cherished and human rights are respected. When we need a culture and way of life where the rights of all especially the poor are met. When we see a child in the crib, we know that this love is for all. Love is in this child, the love of God and call to love and you can’t argue with love which was later killed on the cross. This child is for the world, and his life and ministry will bring compassion to us and danger to him.


The crib is about Jesus being for us, about the church being for the world of today. About ourselves being with Jesus in companionship and for him and his gospel in the world.