Newsletter 9th August 2020

Reflection for 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

A hand to be held

A most strange gospel story – Jesus walks on the water. It’s the type of gospel that suits a decision time, challenging us into deep trust – an invitation to come to the water; not to be afraid. It’s about trusting in Jesus, when there is nothing else. If you have human help, it’s great – but not the same as trusting in God.
In time of death, the call is to trust in God’s promise, because he is the way and the truth. Old age can be the same, or times in life when we just don’t know what the future will hold. It sounds unusual, but what Jesus does in this situation is very human. He doesn’t lecture or say a prayer, he just holds hands. Someone was given a book on bereavement after a family death – he said he needed a hand to be held, or his tears to be heard. That’s Jesus. He held Peter. God is a God with skin, with a human heart, and leaves big ideas behind when we are in trouble. Jesus just went across the lake, stopping his comfortable prayer.
There are times when we just need to hold on to God in trust. On another occasion Peter would jump into the lake again – after the resurrection. Always a water man! Then he would be asked not just to hold a hand, but to be the hand that would reach out to others. Peter was prepared for his mission in many ways. As Pope Francis says, ‘When the Lord wants to give us a mission, wants to give us a task, He prepares us. He prepares us to do it well’ (June 2014).
Remember a time when all you seemed to have was God; thank him. Or recall when all you needed was God; ask him now for help. Lord, in you I put my trust. Donal Neary SJ

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saturday Aug. 15th, a holy day of obligation.
Masses for the coming weekend :

Friday 14th Vigils Fenor 6pm, Carbally 7.30pm Saturday 15th Tramore 8.30am,10.30 am, 7.30 pm, Dunhill, 9.30am, Fenor 6pm
Sunday 16th – Tramore 8.30am, 10.30am, 12 pm, Dunhill 9.30am, Carbally 11.30am.

The annual Youth 2000 Summer Festival

is Ireland’s largest Catholic Youth event, but this year, for the first time, it will be streamed live on the 14th-16th of August.
Hear talks and workshops from some of the best Catholic speakers including Fr. John Harris OP, Dr. Scott Hahn, John Pridmore, Petroc Willey (University of Steubenville), Katie Ascough, Sr. Colleen Mattingly, Sr. Mary Hanrahan, Bill Keimig (University of Steubenville), Beth Davis (Blessed is She) and others from Ireland and around the world.
Youth 2000 Ireland ‘s motto is ‘Youth leading Youth to the Heart of the Church’ and we do this by leading Eucharistic-centred festivals, retreats and prayer meetings throughout the country.Register FREE at

Those whose Months mind Occurs:

James Nash

Those whose’ Anniversary Occurs:

Jimmy Cowman, Florence Frost,Tony Power, The Tce, (1st Ann), Noeleen Cheevers, Bridie Vaughan (1st Ann), Patrick & Josephine O’Brien & son Patrick, Elizabeth Pinniger, John O’Brien
Those who were baptised recently;Tiernan Charlie Quinn,Tadhg Martin Quinn,Grace Mackey McCarthy,Lewis Declan Caulfield,Millie Ellen Toomey.  

Congratulations to their parents and godparents.

The Mass Book for January 2021

will open on Monday August 10th 2020.We would kindly ask for your co-operation and patience.
ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME TO ENTER THE OFFICE. It would be a great help if you have your MASS STIPEND in note form ready, to minimise cash handling.We will provide envelopes for you to put it into, please do not close until we check and issue your receipt.Thank you for your co-operation and please stay safe