Newsletter 7 August 2016

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Newsletter 7th Aug 2016

Newsletter-7-August-2016Gospel Reflection for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Be Prepared

We have all had the experience of inviting our friends or relatives to our house for a meal. Once we invite them we begin to prepare for their arrival. We don’t leave everything until the last minute. There is the sense of excitement and anticipation as we look forward to them arriving and enjoying their company. We clean the house, we buy and prepare the food and when they arrive, we are ready to welcome them into our home.

The gospel this Sunday speaks of the same sense of preparation, readiness and even a sense of urgency as we wait for Jesus to return. Jesus speaks about the master’s absence, but the major concern is what his servants do while he is away. They are meant to be watching and waiting for his return. We do not know the hour or the day when Jesus will return. Jesus is encouraging and challenging us to be ready and prepared to greet him when he does return. As we wait for Jesus, what is the quality of lives, our actions and our speech? Our waiting for Jesus cannot be passive. As we are called to wait in joyful hope for the return of the Lord, we are also challenged to be joyful disciples and witness of Jesus.

It is through the quality of our ordinary daily lives that we show we are not only waiting for the Lord, but that we are actively living for the Lord. Just as the master in the gospel left his servants in charge of his household, so Jesus has left us with the responsibility of carrying on his mission and ministry of proclaiming the good news of the gospel and building the kingdom of God. This is the ‘great deal’ that has been given to each of us. This is what is expected of us by Jesus. A great deal has been entrusted to us by Jesus as we await his return. We will be held accountable for how we live our daily lives and treat others when Jesus returns.

A question we might prayerfully consider having read this gospel is what is the quality of my waiting as I live in joyful hope for the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ?