Newsletter 13 September 2015

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Newsletter 13th September 2015


TRAMORE PARISH FEAST DAY – Monday 14th September


Exalting the Holy Cross


O Sweet Love, you have killed your Beloved,

I beg of you, let me die of Love!

Love, you who led your Lover to such a hard death,

why have you done this?

Was it that you did not want me to perish?

Do not spare me, let me die in Love’s embrace.


You did not spare him whom you loved so dearly;

Why then be indulgent with me?

Catch me on your hook, like fish that cannot get away-

That will be a sign that you love me.

Do not spare me: I long to die drowned in Love.

Love is fixed to the cross-

The cross has taken him and will not let him go.


I run and cling to that cross

That my anguish may not drive me mad.

To flee would lead me to despair;

For my name would be cancelled from the book of Love.

O cross, I fix myself to you and cling to you,

That as I die, I may taste Life!

For you are adorned with honeyed Death

And I am wretched not to have tasted you!

O daring soul, impatient for wounds,

May I die heartbroken with Love!


I run to the cross and read

Its blood-stained pages-

That is the book that makes me a doctor

of natural philosophy and theology.

O book inscribed with golden letters

And all a bloom with Love!


O Love of the Lamb, vaster than any sea,

Who can dare to speak of you?

He who has drowned in you,

and no longer knows where he is;

He whom folly seems that right path,

Who goes about crazed by Love.