Newsletter 17 August 2014

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Newsletter 17th August 2014

Newsletter-17-August-2014.jpgTHIS WEEKS GOSPEL REFLECTION

We admire the mother or father who really fights for their child. They won’t take no for an answer if their child is being bullied, or treated unjustly in a way the child cannot deal with. They will fight for the best medical treatment for their sick child. The woman in the gospel is like that. She has a sick child and really wants healing. Who would not want the same? She almost forces Jesus into curing her little daughter.

The complication also was that she was not one of the chosen. She was a woman of another race, another town. She was the stranger nobody likes. Jesus tests her faith and when her faith comes through, he heals her child. Her faith, not her gender or race, unites her to Christ. Faith doesn’t always heal the sick. But strong faith, tested in life, is a solid rock in which we build our lives. It gets us through loss, failure, bereavement, guilt, despair, doubt, loneliness in a way that nothing else can do. Faith in Jesus Christ means we are never alone, never lost, never isolated fully.

Our world is full of goodness and beauty, and also of ugliness, greed and hatred. If we go distant from faith and from God, we begin to believe that we can go it alone, and that we belong ultimately to nobody but ourselves. We will find a full meaning in life and a wholesome life only in the gospel of Jesus Christ which encourages us to live in the love of God our Father, and to give what we are in the service of others.

Lord teach me to know you more, to love your more, and to serve you more faithfully in my life (St Ignatius)