Newsletter 18 June 2017

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Newsletter 18 June 2017


Food and wine give energy, this is a real meaning of the feast today. It is not just for adoration or prayer; but in the prayer of the Eucharist, to give energy for our Christian life.

Justice and compassion are the fruits of living our Christian faith. Each time we receive the gift of Christ’s body and blood, we receive a gift that has the capacity to change us and make us whole, and active in our faith.

Our life and the lives of others will be transformed when we share what we have received and become people who imitate the love and compassion of Jesus.


As we go from this place of worship, may we not forget what we have received but live it in the week ahead, allowing it to affect our decisions and our relationships. When we are able to do this the world itself may be transformed.

This transformation of the world begins at home: in myself and in the ordinary relationships of our lives. Our contemplation of the body and blood of Jesus has one eye on him, and one eye on our world.

This body and blood are fruits of the earth: the Eucharist gives a third eye: an eye to notice the appeal for care from our earth.

Lord, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Donal Neary SJ