Newsletter 19 May 2013

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Newsletter 19 May 2013



Dropping a box of collection envelopes through your letter box when you are just after receiving a demand for property tax may not be the most opportune time, but the good news which you can see from the church accounts for 2012 is that the church collections have held up remarkably well during the year gone by, and we have gone past the half way mark in reaching our target of € 1, 500,000.

We have made a commitment to pay back € 100,000 per annum to our lenders and this bill together with another € 100,000 running costs (insurances, wages heating, lighting etc. ) does not leave us with anything over from our weekly income of just over € 4,000 per week . So like so many others we are working within very tight margins

Last week I received a cheque for € 14,099 from the Revenue as a tax rebate on the donations of P A Y E people who subscribed more than € 250 during the year 2011. This is a remarkable tribute of the generosity of so many. We hope to send out the forms for 2012 in the near future.

In asking you to continue to support the church collection for the coming year I am only too well aware of the many other calls that are made on you, but I trust that you will understand that we undertook a once in a lifetime project and it should stand as a monument to the parishioners of this generation.

You can collect this year’s envelopes in the parish office after all Masses this weekend, or during the week from the parish office. They are the same number as you had last year. Please have this number ready when calling in.

If you have not yet had a box and would like to assist in being part of those who are able to assist with the Tax Rebate and help reduce our loan sooner, then please ask for a box from the parish office.

With every blessing and a continued assurance of a place in our prayers and thanks for your continued support.

Monsignor O’Mahony, Monsignor Shine, Fr. Toomey