Newsletter 20 March 2016

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Newsletter 20th March 2016

Newsletter-20-March-2016Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Ever thought of having a prayer space in your home? If not, Holy Week is a great place to start. The crowds in Jerusalem welcomed Jesus by waving palm.

Why not use the palm that is blessed today at Mass to welcome Christ into your home? Invite family members to join you for a short prayer when placing the palm in the prayer space. Over the next few months, continue to grow your own personal prayer space by introducing religious items, pictures and symbols into

this sacred place in your home. A prayer service for the new blessed palm in the home. In advance, as a family, decide where the palm will be placed (e.g. above the door in each room, or behind the main crucifix in the house).

• Gather, as a family, at home. Ask an adult/teen to read the account of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (from the Gospel of Mark 11:1-10, Matthew 21:1-11, John 12:12-16 or Luke 19:2840).

• Then another adult, with a lighted candle, leads a short procession through all the rooms of the house, whilst singing an appropriate hymn.

• Place the palm in its new home and invite each person to name one event, relationship or thing for which they are grateful to God.

• Finish with an ‘Our Father’