Newsletter 26 January 2014

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Newsletter 26th Januuary 2014




As many of you are aware, the Pope John Paul II Award is up and running in our parish, along with two other parishes across the diocese. The award will be officially launched across the whole diocese in the autumn, yet already, many of the 150 students have over half of their commitment hours to working in the parish and the community completed. Some have already completed their Gold award, and are hoping to begin the Papal Cross Award which will see many of them continuing the award into 5th year.


Here in Tramore, we have been able to arrange 4 extra places for four students to go on the parish pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo in April. These students will assist on the tour just like many students assist in Lourdes every year in our diocesan pilgrimage. These students will shortly be fundraising in the parish and community to help defray their costs, and any donations and pledges to help this achieve their target will be gratefully appreciated. Each students is hoping to raise €500 which may not seem much, but for them will be a real challenge! If you don’t get a chance to meet the students, and you wish to make any donation, then these can be left in the parish office or to any of the priests, with our sincere thanks.


This is a wonderful opportunity for these students and we thank sincerely, the parish and tour operator who have already assisted in part of the costs to allow these young adults to experience something wonderful for their faith development.


We also pray to Blessed John Paul II that this award will continue for many years in our parish and diocese, helping our young adults to gain a deeper appreciation and an understanding of their faith and community through this award.