Newsletter 8 September 2013

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Newsletter 8th September 2013




This Saturday 14 September is the parish feast day. The discovery of the True Cross is dated to 14 September 320. On 13 September 335 the churches on Calvary were dedicated and the cross that St Helena discovered was venerated there the next day. The annual commemoration of that event has been celebrated since, in praise of the redemption won for us by Christ.


To celebrate our parish feast day, there will be Stations of the Cross after 10am Mass on Friday 13 September.


On Saturday 14 September after 10am Mass, and the 7.30pm Vigil Mass, there will be an opportunity to venerate the relic of the true Cross.


Our prayer space will also be changed so prayers around the cross can be made throughout the week.




Last year, there was an overwhelming response to our Rosary Garden. The garden in October, encouraged all of us to go back to praying the Rosary and for children, to teach them of the mysteries of our faith when praying this truly wonderful prayer. Our Rosary Garden will be here again this October, and we would be grateful for any contributions toward the cost of the flowers either into the parish office, or to the box by the sacristy. Work on the garden will begin in the coming weeks, and prayer guides and Rosary beads will be available in the parish shop.




Our parish is truly blessed to have so many altar servers in both churches, who add to the liturgy in a very direct and special way. The children learn new skills and allow them to develop a closer relationship to God. Our safeguarding team along with the parents work closely to ensure the children are encouraged to develop their ministry. As September is a good time to begin recruiting with schools going back, we would like to invite any child who have made their First Holy Communion, to apply to be trained as an Altar Server in the coming weeks. Letters are being distributed to third classes in schools, but any child in 4th, 5th and 6th can still apply by getting a form from the parish office. Servers in Carbally can contact Mrs Bridget Walsh. Our coordinator in Tramore is Mary Manton.




Next weekend we will hold our annual collection for the Retired Priests of the Diocese. Envelopes are available in the porches. Your contributions are gratefully appreciated