Newsletter 15 September 2013

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Newsletter 15th September 2013

Newsletter-15- September-2013

We are delighted to announce that in the coming weeks, our parish will be involved in a Pilot Programme of an award scheme that has been successfully run in other diocese around the country in the last few years.


Bishop Lee has asked that the John Paul II Award be launched in the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore, as a way of encouraging our young people to get involved in their community and parish, and as part of our parish commitment to enhancing the lives of our young people on their journey through faith. This award which has been running very successfully across the country for the last number of years and is also known as ‘The JPII Award’.


Before the award is launched in the Diocese in September 2014, we are running a pilot Programme for the award from September 2013, in the parishes and schools of Tramore, Cahir, Lismore, and Cappoquin.


This award will work in conjunction with Transition Year classes as part of their Religious Education curriculum, and with their social awareness involvement in local charities and services and will enable the participants to become more actively involved in the life of their parish and community. Students aim for a Gold, Silver or Bronze award through the number of hours they do throughout the year. There is an option to develop the award further in fifth/ sixth year if the student wishes to obtain the Papal Cross Award.


On a parish level, a committee is set up led by a parish coordinator, to oversee the parish part of the award. There is also a representative from the school who work together to oversee the award, along with the Award Committee in the Diocese. The award Patron is Bishop Lee and the Coordinator for the Diocese is Fr. Michael Toomey, Tramore.


This award will be a great benefit to the students and the school, and will allow them to show Christian maturity and development in their faith and within themselves, whilst getting due recognition of their achievements and talents.


Further information can be found at :


We pray, through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II, that the award will be of huge benefit to the participants, their families and local parishes and communities.