Newsletter 8 December 2013

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Newsletter 8th December 2013


Advent Reflection


Advent began last weekend and goes on till Christmas Day. The Word Advent means coming.

During the four weeks we think of the coming of Christ on Christmas Day. We prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ into our lives every day. We try to improve ourselves, we will be able to go to confession.

The Advent wreath with its five candles reminds us of our need to prepare as Christmas draws close.

This weekend we will be able to contribute to the St Vincent de Paul collection and try to be as generous towards other people in these hard times.

We will send Christmas cards and presents, we will decorate our homes, but there is much more preparation than that. We hope it will be a spiritual time for all of us.


“Prepare the way of the Lord make his path straight” (John the Baptist preached).